Vanimo Accommodation

Vanimo Accommodation

The accommodation at Vanimo Surf Lodge is beachfront traditional hut style with some stylish finishes. The traditional hut theme was selected to blend in with the village surroundings and give the traveller a cultural experience leaving the big city behind.

Huts are cleaned regularly and have lighting and ceiling fans that operate at intervals throughout the day so that we do not run the diesel generator throughout the night. Power typically shuts off at 9pm and you can hear the silence of the tropical jungle and waves crashing on the beach. If you are more comfortable listening to air-conditioning humming throughout the night then we suggest you try a city location OR town based accommodation. Huts sleep 3-4 people (share accommodation) and are fitted with mosquito nets which provides a certain ambience. Huts also and have ample room for board and gear storage.

If you need to charge your device(s) during the day, power access points are available in each hut and compatible with Australian standard plugs. Power is supplied at various intervals throughout the day when the diesel generator runs with minimal impact.

For valuable items, please leave with the Manager to lock away securely.

Before travelling we recommend having adequate travel insurance with medical cover and visit your local doctor 4-8 weeks prior to travelling to receive professional advice.


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