Vanimo Community

Vanimo Community

The local surfers can always be seen to be having a fun time with smiles from ear to ear a real contrast to other countries big name surf destinations.

Another great feature of the Vanimo Surf Area Management Plan (VSAMP) is that the small surf fee goes into local community projects and the local surfers are encouraged to ensure all the visitors have an enjoyable experience. So it’s a win/win model for the locals and visitors. The Vanimo Surf Lodge facing the Lido Right point, opened with three huts in November 2011. A fourth hut was added in 2014.

Co-owned by Papua New Guinean and Australian proprietors, the lodge currently accommodates 12 – 16 guests. It is located on the beachfront adjacent to the small Lido village. The lodge employs a local workforce and ex-pat manager to train the staff in all manner of skills from carpentry to food service and management.

There are no surf shops but there are local doctors, hospital, banks, supermarket and pharmacy in town.

Local villagers gather each day in the Vanimo town centre to sell their crafts made from all natural materials. An item worth picking up at the market is a traditional PNG string carry bag called a “bilum”. It is an excellent carry bag for the beach as it is exceptionally strong and allows all the sand to drop out from your beach gear.


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